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Notice -- During the month of January, 2018 My Golf Network will be moving to the Golf Handicap Network, which can be found at  Upon completion those using My Golf Network will be asked to register for a Recreational Handicap and the price will be $8.95 for a 12 month subscription ($9.95 if with the Golf Mobile Network smart phone application).  Many new features will become available as the system is shifted to the GHN webpage, including the optional ability to post scores and track your handicap on your smart phone.  If you have any questions, please email  Thank You

 Recreational Golf Handicap System

Very closely approximates the USGA Handicap System

The Basics

Play Golf by your Rules

Don't have to join a Golf Club

9 & 18 Hole Base Handicaps adjusted for Course Difficulty

Link with Golf Buddies and see their Handicaps

Maintain multiple linked lists of Golf Buddies

Unlimited Score History

Handicap History and Graph

International Golf Course Database

League Handicap Display (for those who are a part of the Golf League Network)

Tournament and Outing Links (for those who are a part of the Golf Tournament Network)


 RGHS Standard Computation Method

The Recreational Golf Handicap System is a formula applied to a set of scores and produces a Base Handicap.  The Base Handicap is portable and is translated to a Tee Handicap relative to course difficulty.  The formula is proprietary and is not published.  However, it is applied equally to all who use it.  By default, the RGHS selects the best scores per the following chart:

Number of 9-hole scoresNumber of best scores used in Base Handicap calculation
 1 or 2
 3 or 4
 6 or 7
 8 or 9
 11 or 12
 13 or 14
 16 or 1710 
 18 or 1911 

The RGHS is based on 9-hole scores.  So, if you use the system for 18-hole play, all 18-hole scores are reduced to two 9-hole scores, which are then applied to the chart.  In effect, 9-hole Base Handicaps are computed from the best twelve of the last twenty 9-hole scores, and 18-hole Base Handicaps are computed by multiplying the 9-hole Base Handicap by 2.

Note:  The RGHS does not use any components of the USGA Handicap System including Slope and Course Rating.  The RGHS is designed to be completely apart from the USGA's system so there would be no conflict or overlap between them.

Trademarks and Service Marks:  Universal Golf Handicap System, UGHS, UGHS Base Handicap and UGHS Tee Handicap are service marks of Handicomp, Inc.  USGA, USGA Handicap System, Slope and Course Rating are registered trademarks of the United States Golf Association.